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Those who do not evolve with new insights will fall behind. This is – for certain in sport – a undeniable truth. In judo education, training and coaching, a strong traditionalism can often be found. In order to prepare judokas for competitions or to keep recreational judo up to date, a judo teacher must dare to adapt the traditional ways of teaching, training and coaching to changed insights, to changed circumstances and to new experiences. Critical sense and creativity are not a denial of the foundations and traditions of judo, but are an excellent opportunity for zeiryoku zenyo and jita kyoei.

As head coach of Judoteam Duffel Belgium, as a former personal coach of various top athletes and as judo teacher, I was often confronted with judo problems that required a solution.

In a spirit of openness and exchange, I want to share in all modesty my experience, knowledge and insights through judoLabo. I hope that this will create a dialogue about judo-education in general and about the guidance on the one hand of high performance judokas and on the other hand of judokas 55 years and older.


The information on judoLabo is available free of charge. In return, I make an appeal to be honest about it. That means:

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JudoLabo is bilingual, English and Dutch. Some articles can also be found on the American Judo Information Site of Neihl Ohlenkamp www.judoinfo.com.

Raf Tits, 6th dan